Ruben Arakelyan

Hi, I'm Ruben Arakelyan, a Cornwall-based experienced full-stack web developer and technical leader. Find out more about me, about this site or about my setup.

I also write longform articles.

Interviewing Developers At GDS

16 October 2016

It was only three months ago that I was sitting opposite three people being interviewed at GDS. At the time, the one thing I didn’t think of is that three months on, I would be sitting in their place, helping run an interview for a potential developer just like me.

Supporting Users As A Developer

25 September 2016

A couple of weeks ago, it was my turn to take over, with a couple of other developers, the second line technical support of GOV.UK.

Knowing It's All Fine

4 September 2016

For most of my working life, my experience of work has been one that doesn’t finish the moment I leave the office.

Much Happenings

7 August 2016

I don’t blog for a week, and look what happens! In the past week, Kevin Cunnington was announced as the new head of GDS, taking over from Stephen Foreshew-Cain. Naturally, there had been intense speculation about the move in the days beforehand, much of it vastly overblown but nevertheless unsettling to GDS staff.

I Did This

24 July 2016

Before I know it, it’s the end of three weeks in my new job and I’m starting to understand how all the bits fit together.