Ruben Arakelyan

Hi, I'm Ruben Arakelyan, a Cornwall-based experienced full-stack web developer and technical leader. Find out more about me, about this site or about my setup.

I also write longform articles.

Thoughts On Responsible Building

26 August 2017

In my last blog post, I wrote about the new 11-week mission structure that we are working on for all GOV.UK projects. A large part of this new structure is delivering new and improved functionality without creating large amounts of technical debt. We’ve already spent a long time trying to clear up existing technical debt without creating more of it.

Experimenting With Fixed Time And Variable Scope

29 July 2017

Last time, I wrote about the new 11 week “mission” structure for all work on GOV.UK. This was a completely new way of working both for me and for many others on teams across the organisation. So how did it go after 11 weeks improving user journeys for worldwide content?

Publishing For The Rest of The World

20 March 2017

April is when the new financial year starts for GDS, and this coming year will be a bumper one. GOV.UK is changing how we all work in teams and what we’re going to be doing. This year has been all about getting the back-end working well, with transitions of existing websites and major work on publishing apps. In the coming year, we’ll be concentrating a lot more on user-facing features, and that includes where I’ll be working.

An Uneventful Christmas

31 December 2016

For most people, Christmas is very eventful — the parties, the food, the company. However, when you’re charged with making sure something is available at a time when most people will be on their holidays, you want it to be as uneventful as possible.

Hacking For The Government

21 November 2016

Firstly, if you’re here because you’re looking for a juicy story on that time when I carried out some illegal hacking activity on behalf of the government, then you’re going to be disappointed. I’m using the word “hacking” with its original meaning of a clever application of computer code to fulfil some requirement.