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About Ruben Arakelyan

Ruben Arakelyan

I’m Ruben Arakelyan, a Cornwall-based experienced full-stack web developer and technical leader. I currently work as a lead developer for Resolver. In my spare time, I like to code and blog. You can see my LinkedIn profile for more details of my work.

I have worked for Royal Dutch Shell as a Business Analyst, orderswift as the Lead Developer and the Government Digital Service as a Lead Developer.

My current specialism is Ruby, and in particular Ruby on Rails, as well as the usual front-end languages. However, I have also worked extensively with PHP, and in particular Laravel and Wordpress.

I started off on this computing journey way back when I was 15 or 16. My first computer was bought from a charity shop for £10 and contained one of these beauties. Via many generations of Windows and Linux PCs, I arrived at the Mac phase of my life. Starting when I was at university, I had a few Mac laptops, an iMac or two and a Mac mini. I currently work on a custom-built PC running Windows 10.

This is my site where I blog about my work whenever there’s something interesting to share.

Disclaimer: everything on this site is my own, personal view and may not necessarily be shared by my employer.