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Moving On

A few months ago, my wife and I made the decision that it was time to pack up our things and move out of London. That may sound like a sudden move, but it becomes much more understandable when explained that she is originally from the area and it’s more of a homecoming. For me, the London born-and-bred type, it’s a much larger change, but I nevertheless undertook to dive fully into the move and make the most of this opportunity to “start again”.

Doing things by half

People who know me know that doing things by half is not in my DNA. Either I commit fully or I don’t at all. In that vein, something explained as a somewhat straightforward move from London to Cornwall turned into a much larger undertaking involving selling our current house, moving in with the in-laws, buying a plot of land for a building project, and both of us changing jobs.

Working at Resolver

I left GDS at the end of July to move to a remote-friendly role at Resolver as lead developer for Consumer Acquisition. This role involves a team of aroud six developers working to maintain and improve the main consumer-facing Resolver site, including bug fixes, upgrades, new functionality for both consumers and admins, and improvements in things like SEO and microformats.

Along with the Consumer Retention team, we are also responsible for improving developer tools including local development environments, staging and production infrastructure, development processes and policies.

Having returned to the private sector from the civil service, on the one hand there is a lot more freedom without political considerations and neutrality. On the other hand, however, are the realities of working in a business that (like any other) is ultimately looking for a shareholder return, although at least the consumer side is free-of-charge and works more like a non-profit.

The near and not-so-near future

Having just about settled into my new job and working style (mixed between working from home and a local shared office/hot desk), thoughts inevitably turn to the next main thing on the list - building our next house.

We are planning to start a blog that explains and illustrates our journey through plot finding and purchase to plans, construction, pitfalls and issues through to ultimately completion plus everything in between. Think of it as part way between a voyeuristic look into someone else’s house and a how-to for aspiring young self builders!

This blog

This blog will continue as an occasional outlet for posts about my work specifically but also more generally about web development and the day-to-day of a lead developer. It’ll also be the place where I post occasional long-form articles about areas of interest.