Ruben Arakelyan

Hi, I'm Ruben Arakelyan, a Cornwall-based experienced full-stack web developer and technical leader. Find out more about me, about this site or about my setup.

I also write longform articles.

Moving On

12 September 2019

A few months ago, my wife and I made the decision that it was time to pack up our things and move out of London. That may sound like a sudden move, but it becomes much more understandable when explained that she is originally from the area and it’s more of a homecoming. For me, the London born-and-bred type, it’s a much larger change, but I nevertheless undertook to dive fully into the move and make the most of this opportunity to “start again”.

Life As A Lead Developer

26 March 2019

In November 2018, I became one of two lead developers on GOV.UK. Coming from being a mid-level and then senior developer, the step up to becoming a lead is a large one where a lot of attributes of being a developer change and one suddenly has a lot more autonomy over many parts of the role.

Keeping Up With The Times

5 November 2018

There are a lot of services and infrastructure behind GOV.UK. Serving millions of requests on a regular basis requires a whole set of supporting services, as well as a team to look after it all and make sure it performs to its best.

Keeping The Platform Healthy

18 September 2018

GOV.UK is a large site. With dozens of apps, hundreds of publishers, tens of thousands of pages and millions of visitors, it’s no mean feat to keep it up, running and always improving.