Hi, I’m Ruben

I’m a web developer in Cornwall, UK, and my wife can help you relocate to Cornwall.

I’m currently a Senior Backend Engineer at Hopin. LinkedIn has more details of my work history, and GitHub has all my code.

I’m a web developer by trade but also like to work in other, related areas like home automation.

I’ve been spending too much time with computers for as long as I can remember. From my first PC, bought for £10 from a charity shop, all the way through multiple Macs and custom-built PCs, they have been both my day job and my hobby.

If you’re interested, you can also read more about me.

About this site

This is the umpteenth iteration of my personal website. I’ve moved a number of times between hosting providers, technology stacks and having a blog versus a plain, low-maintenance landing page. You can find older iterations for my previous websites at ruben.arakelyan.uk, ruben.am and ra.me.uk at the Internet Archive. In addition, most old URLs should still work because cool URIs don’t change.

I’ve deliberately decided to use the latest technologies and not spend time trying to work around browsers that don’t support them. If it looks a bit wonky to you and you’re not using a browser that fully supports current web standards, then unfortunately you’re on your own. Having said that, the site itself is very simple and should be readable anywhere, if not looking its best.

The current version of the site is generated as a static site by Eleventy, stored on GitHub and hosted on Netlify. This means I don’t have to worry about bandwidth, databases, security patches or a variety of attack vectors.